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† Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry is growing rapidly in the Philippines.It is an economic force that propels Philippines to be considered as the emerging global leader in the BPO industry. There continues to be a vast untapped potential for outsourcing in the country displaying an accelerating growth of the global offshore market.Some BPO services here in the Philippines are call centers, software development, animation, encoding, accounting and payroll outsourcing.

India is known as the distinguished leader of the call center industry.2006 showed a marked increased globalization for BPO especially overseas contact centers in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.India has over 1 billion population which encompasses the 87 million population of the Philippines.The language widely spoken is English not to mention 1,652 different native languages.

Why Invest in Philippines?

In early 2000, however, Philippines, an agricultural country, is currently getting recognition in the call center arena.As a result, the country are considered as the major player and notable competitor of India.Thanks to the support of the government, the contact centers everywhere in the Philippines are developed with sophistication.When you select the Philippines as your offshore business processing outsourcing provider, you are assured of improved productivity, operational efficiencies, reduced cost of operations and strengthening your competitive position.Philippine BPO industry has advantages that include good quality education, good value, overall quality and efficiency, low cost, increasing domain expertise and increasing performance metrics and program management skills.The colonization of Americans has greatly contributed on Filipinos and their fluency in the English language.Another great reason is exhibited in the literacy rate of 92.6% from 2000-2004.It currently has an average of 92.6 literacy rate with a large pool of qualified fresh college graduates who are looking for white-collar employment.

The Philippines holds many advantages over the alternative Asian sites including India:Labor costs are equivalent to China.The Philippines offers, fluency in the English language, skilled labor pool and infrastructure stability, making it a perfect choice. There is a high prevalence of spoken American English as a result of the cultural and social affinity with United States of America.There is availability of modern and stable infrastructure namely water, electricity, roads, telecommunications, large pool of qualified college graduates, government support and tax breaks for the industry, access to skills conforming to US professional standards and more associated work environment for trainers and managers compared to other Asian options.

The Philippines tends to be ranked next to India as the second option for outsourcing.This is foreseen to change in the next few years since Philippine call center industry develops and enhances its infrastructures and the government actively seeks to enhance the English skills of the future workforce of the country.

The Philippines continues to take the world of information technology in the likes of BPO and call centers.It is evidently seen as large call centers are located in the major business districts in Metro Manila and provinces across the country.

The Philippines continue to conquer the world of information technology such as BPO and call centers. The valuable knowledge of the Filipinos in customer service and other valuable resources are among of the few reasons that the Philippines is surpassing India. Large call center companies are occupying the skyscrapers in the major business districts in metro Manila and other provinces in the country.These centers of technology and learning run the length of all regions.Form Baguio to Clark to Metro Manila to Cebu to Davao.The Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in her State of the Nation Address in July 2007, emphasized that the Philippines ranks among leading global offshore hubs due to cost-competitiveness and more essentially English proficient, highly trainable, IT-enabled management and manpower.The spurt of BPO services in different parts of the Philippines has contributed substantially to the nationís revenue collections.

The labor pool, cost and government policies of India and Philippines varies greatly. As of 2006, the labor pool of the Philippines produces 440,000 graduates annually while India produces almost 380,000 graduates.The country has a stable large pool of quality labor of personnel who are multi-skilled, highly-trainable, highly educated, literate and, most of all, English-speaking workforce.Filipinos speak idiomatic American English better than Indians with a more neutral accent. The Philippines is an outstanding destination of a wide array of offshore services.The skill of the Philippine IT industry is world class.

With the facts presented, it is foreseen that Philippines will be a promising key player in the global BPO industry, owing to the fact of being highly adept at providing high quality labor at a fraction of a cost.