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Philippines Outsource is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology (IT), and with a client-focused approach to offshore outsourcing. We define and develop top quality business solutions based on the client's goals and priorities resulting to top quality, value- added services that reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits at a fraction of the cost.

As an American company, we have an in depth understanding of U.S. key vertical markets and Internet marketing allowing us to effectively create client-specific services that really identify with your business, address your client’s needs, and bring- in real results. When it comes to outsourcing, we believe that by maximizing available resources both in and off shore, work can be done wherever it can be done better, at lower cost. Through strategic operation, premium human capital development, and the best technology platforms, our production facilities in the Philippines deliver superior work outputs resulting to a solid impact on revenue and business equity.
Philippines Outsource provides customized top quality BPO, IT, and SEO services including, but not limited to, the following:
  web design Web Design
  graphic design Graphic Design
  web development Web Development
  website maintenance Website Maintenance
  web marketing Web Marketing
ecommerce solutions
eCommerce Solutions
finance and accounting
Finance and Accounting
virtual assistance
Virtual Assistance
custom software development
Custom Software Development
project management
Project Management
seo services
SEO/Search Engine Optimization
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The Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing
Offshore Outsourcing-- the process of hiring an external organization to handle certain business functions in a foreign country-- is a common practice to many companies across the world, mainly to save money. But what began as a cost- cutting measure has now evolved into an industry where small- scale entrepreneurs and major companies alike turn to for reasons that go beyond pricing.
How Your Small to Medium - sized Business Could Profit Greatly from Offshore Outsourcing Service Suppliers
Many of today’s small to medium- sized businesses profit greatly from offshore outsourcing service suppliers in various ways. Hiring an external company to handle certain continual functions of your business like after sales services, benefit claims, accounting and payroll, data processing, among other repetitive tasks, could do so much more than just trim down your operational costs.
What is Strategic Outsourcing?
Over the years, offshore outsourcing has resulted in many tales of triumph and has a lot of industry- tested benefits but offshore outsourcing, when neglected, is disaster in the making. There have been many companies whose woes were had from offshore outsourcing.


The Philippines More Than You Imagine
Outsourcing in the Philippines
The business process outsourcing industry is considered as one of the fastest business sectors in the world. The strong demand for outsourcing services is predicted to reach as high as $180 billion in 2010, with finance & accounting, customer support, human resource management, and back- end support services getting the most shares.
Offshore Outsourcing: A Wise Counteraction to the ROI Meltdown
Faced with tougher market competition and clients becoming more and more selective, making a profit seems more difficult than ever. What can you do to improve your business, keep your pricing attractive, and ensure good revenue? Offshore outsourcing makes a good answer to all three questions and it’s readily available too. 
Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines
Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry is growing rapidly in the Philippines. It is an economic force that propels Philippines to be considered as the emerging global leader in the BPO industry. There continues to be a vast untapped potential for outsourcing in the country displaying an accelerating growth of the global offshore market.
A Modern-day Business Alliance

Outsourcing is defined as the method of assigning certain or several business processes of a company’s supposedly internal operations to an “external” service provider whose expertise is to achieve maximum efficiency of that which is assigned to them. Hence, full cooperation of both parties is called for ensuring a smooth and successful business relationship.


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